We’re Going to TIFF!

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Of the 4 teams from Canada selected for the National Screen Institute’s Features First program, 2 are sponsored to attend TIFF to pitch their films. We are very humbled and fortunate to be one of those teams.

Wait a minute…isn’t TIFF for watching movies?

Ah, you might think so! While TIFF is one of the world’s best film festivals, and gets the most press of any film festival in North America, it’s actually ALSO one of the biggest film markets… Read More →


Reflection: NSI Features First Phase 1 and 2

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In film school, you’re taught how to make a movie. You’re taught about screenplay formatting, storyboarding, how a camera works, how to light a scene and direct actors, how to hold a boom pole, how to edit footage and how to tell a story. It’s all great and important information, but it doesn’t shed light on how a movie actually gets made. The first step in the process isn’t pre-production, it’s development. Development is the longest step, it’s the most difficult step, it’s the step that most movies don’t make it past. Read More →