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Today is the day! The Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo begins again and I’m pumped! Also, when I see a title like “10 Tricks to Buying a Car” and “7 of The Best Movies You’ve Never Seen” I really hate it when the first paragraph goes on and on about the subject and tries to add something witty to get the audience interested. I’m already interested! I wouldn’t have clicked it if I wasn’t interested, am I right?



I like to do a full pass of the entire Expo grounds when I first arrive so I have an idea of where everything is. This year, they’ve added more square footage with an outdoor tent to house, I’m not even sure what.

Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 12.07.52 PM

But once you have the layout in your head, it’s much easier to get where you want to go late in the show.


When you’re in an area with literally 1 million people (figuratively) your data plan is not going to work. And they know this at the BMO Centre so they offer wifi. But that wifi will cost you roughly the same amount as winter tires for your vehicle.

UPDATE! The Calgary Expo app is now available on the App Store so get that instead!


Make sure to load up those pages on your phone before you leave the comfort of your local wifi so that you know where and when you need to be, without having to wait 10 minutes for it to load.


If you’re interested in getting photos with celebrities, go for it. But don’t forget to balance that time with attending some pertinent panels. Almost anything you’re interested in getting into is represented at the panels from comics to podcasting to voice acting. Not to mention the vendors and artists alley. Just make sure you don’t spend too much time in a line. You might regret it.


The Expo is a networking event like any other and the relationships you make this weekend might be the ones that help get your dream project made. Don’t forget to bring your business card and don’t be afraid to chat with panelists after the show. I don’t mean media guests. They genuinely do have security and you can meet them at their table, not by following them around the floor.

I also want to add that you should try to get some networking in! Do your homework and invite others to meet up at events and after parties! Hint.


Buy some stuff! Most of the creators at the convention are independent and there are many handcrafted pieces of work available for you to snag. If you expect others to one day (or currently) purchase your stuff, make sure you support the industry that supports you!

That’s it! That’s all! Have a great con and don’t forget to come see our panels!


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Matt Watterworth a is a 28-year-old filmmaker in Alberta, Canada. He graduated from the SAIT Polytechnic Film & Video Production Program in 2008 and followed that up with 4 years learning from the brilliant minds at one of Canada's top ten production companies. He claps better than anyone you know and, tragically, still wishes to be Batman.
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  1. Irene Hamilton  April 26, 2014

    Everything you Full Swing fellows share leaves the follower screaming to get there!

    Irene aka Gladys Hamilton


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