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Matt and Scott have embarked on their 10-month journey through the National Screen Institute’s Features First program on the road to producing Synapse. Their first phase was an intensive week-long session in Toronto, where they were deep into story editing and discussions with agents, distributors, executive producers and more! Phase 2 was another week in Toronto for Matt, and a mindblowing script consulting session for Scott.

Now, they’re off to Toronto to pitch their feature at TIFF.

They continue to blog and share their stories through the process. If you’d like to follow along and learn as they do, bookmark this post and they’ll update it throughout the program.

Blog Post Index

What is NSI Features First?

Phase 3 – August 21 – November 30

Full Swing goes to TIFF

Phase 2 – March 29 – August 20

Reflections on Phase 1 and 2


8 Different Tips for Screenwriters

Phase 1 – Boot Camp in Toronto (March 23-28)


Ninjas and Unicorns
Synapse Table Read


Deluxe Toronto Visit – Post Production Facility
What the Heck is a Chain of Title?
Chatting with Cronenberg’s Producer Martin Katz
Top 10 Tips from Literary Agents
Casey Walker Visit – Filmmaker for “A Little Bit Zombie”
Top 4 Needs for Distributors
Chatting with Telefilm
Anatomy of a Pitch


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