Bringing Cinematic Storytelling to the Corporate Video

Video is one of the most powerful tools a brand can employ to connect with its customers, its staff and its industry. At Full Swing Productions, we can turn your story into a stunning, elegant and engaging video.

But a video needs an audience to be effective. That’s why we take time to learn your brand and craft the script well before the cameras roll. We can cater your video’s message to your customers, clients or staff, and deploy an arsenal of tools to make sure it ends up on their screens.

Corporate Stories

Showcase your product, explain your process, introduce your team, excite your customers, engage your staff, put a personal touch on your brand. The possibilities with corporate video are endless when you have a great story to tell. We can help you tell it.

Weekly Video Series

Establish yourself as the top expert in your industry with informative, engaging videos posted online every week. Weekly videos work to build an ever-expanding library of content that humanizes your company and builds trust with your audience.


Promote your product or service on broadcast tv, in theatres or online with the highest production value available. Our emphasis on cinematic storytelling, mixed with our marketing expertise, makes our commercials effective and exceptional.


Event Videos

You’ve spent months planning, organizing, coordinating; why not capture the excitement and energy of your event on video? Our cinematographers pride themselves in being at the right place at the right time, so your audience can relive the best moments over and over.


Welcome to the future of online audience engagement. Livestreaming is a wonderful new way to bring your community together to experience a meeting, a panel, a presentation or an event (even if your community is spread out throughout the world!)

Kinetic Typography

Add impact, elegance, or a playful feel to your video with Kinetic Typography. This distinctive style and flair of dynamic moving text can clarify your message and put your corporate video head and shoulders above your competitors.


Sketch Animation

Explain, inform or educate with a Sketch Animation video: a fun, quirky new style of video that keeps eyes glued to the screen and makes watching easy and enjoyable. Often called “Explainer Videos”, these are slick and professional with an approachable style.

60-Second Stories

The internet scientists at Full Swing Labs have determined the ideal length of time for a web video is one minute. We’ve formulated the 60-Second-Story to take advantage of the attention span of your audience, while clearly communicating your message.


Launching your new product or business? Billions of dollars have been raised with crowdfunding platforms, but campaigns are huge undertakings. We can help you navigate the challenges of crowdfunding and make a splashy video to grab the public’s attention.

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