Transmedia: You’re Doing it Wrong

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Transmedia was a big buzzword at the Banff World Media festival this year, and continues to have Producers, Writers, Directors and Marketing teams scratching their heads. You may have heard the word before, or one of its cousins like “multiplatform”, “second-screen”, etc. but it’s all the same thing.

Most think Transmedia is about fun facts popping up on your iPhone while you watch a movie. They’re wrong. If we’re going to play in this new media landscape, we need to start seeing Transmedia as a way to tell an immersive story with multiple access points.

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NSI Features First – Anatomy of a Pitch

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Our final day of Phase 1 for the NSI Features First program consisted of a full-morning mock pitch session. We were lucky to meet four Producers from some of Canada’s top production companies, who came in for some one-on-one 20-minute pitches.

We welcomed Elise Cousineau from Sienna Films; Sonya Di Rienzo from Whizbang Films; Mark Montefiore from Montefiore Films and Kevin Krikst from Rhombus Media.

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NSI Features First – Ten Tips from Agents

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We met with three literary agents during our first phase of the NSI Features First program, and enjoyed some enlightening discussions about the nature of the screenwriter/agent relationship, the producer/agent relationship, what working with an agent is like and what agents look for these days.

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